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Chief LSA1U Fusion Fixed LCD TV Wall Mount For 42 To 86" Displays Dell 952X8 952x8

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The Chief LSA1U Fusion Series Fixed Wall Mount will support TVs and monitors with a screen size of 42 to 86" and up to 200 lb, while offering the option of post-installation lateral shift up to 17.4". It features a built-in kickstand for easy access behind the screen. The LSA1U has ClickConnect, which provides an audible click when the screen is safely engaged with the mount.

Integrated teardrop design speeds up wall plate installation by allowing pre-installation of the bolts to the wall
Centerless Shift provides up to 17.4" of post-installation lateral shift for near limitless centering
Set screws keep the mount rigid, stable, and secure throughout the life of the installation
A full line of accessories can be installed with the mount, and the entire unit can be adjusted together
Multiple installation options for various stud distances
Included nesting spacers can be stacked to achieve virtually any depth from display to wall
Quick-store cords use magnets to easily store and access pull cords
Integrated padlock shackle for adding a lock, up to 5/16" in diameter
Easy-to-open box with less waste to throw away


Package: 1 wALLMOUNT

Condition: New

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Language: Chief
Format: Wall Mount
Author: 952x8
DVD Edition Year: Chief
Topic: N/A

Weight: N/A

Compatibility: N/A

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    Language: Chief
    Format: Wall Mount
    Author: 952x8
    DVD Edition Year: Chief
    Topic: N/A

    Weight: 0 Kg

    Compatibility: N/A

    Warranty: N/A

    Shipping: Standard Shipping
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